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Cool Things That You Can Do Using Monkey King

The Boston Major is over, and we all were waiting for the new patch to arrive. This time, according to DotA 2 official website, the patch 7.00 has brought a lot of changes in the gameplay system. Currently, the patch is available on the Dota 2 test client. However, it will be available tomorrow on the main client for the players. A lot of nerfs and buffs are dealt with the heroes directly and indirectly while the new hero, Monkey King has also been revealed in the new update.

While the new update is here, we have gathered some cool things that you might want to see about the new hero, Monkey King.

The Origin of Monkey King

First of all, Monkey King is the first hero that has made its entry into the world of DotA 2. Previously, the hero was in the beta phase of the original DotA. The hero was revealed in DotA 6.79 as a result of an Easter egg boss fight in which you have to fight against Monkey King (The villain). However, it didn’t make to the original map of Warcraft III.

Slash and Smash

A lot of users have already watched the official Dota 2 website and YouTube videos of the Monkey King released by different Dota 2 channels, but very few know about the usage of his abilities and skills.

His first ability is known as Boundless Strike, and it is quite similar to the Ember Spirit’s Sleight of Fist. However, the Monkey King’s ability is able to deal critical damage as well as it stuns the enemies who are standing in a straight line. The physical damage dealt will be proportional to the attack damage of Monkey King.

Boundless Strike is an excellent ability, and it synergizes quite well with the Faceless Void’s ultimate and Elder Titan’s ultimate, Chronosphere and Earth Splitter respectively. There will surely be more combinations to work out with this ability, but for that, we have to wait for the update to hit on the main client tomorrow.

A Well-Known Scouting Ability

The second ability of Monkey King is known as Tree Dance. Using that ability, he is able to climb up the trees and scout out the enemies around him. This is actually an excellent ability in case your team wants to play the vision game. Moreover, this ability can be used to setup the ganks on the opponent team. Last but not the least, if you are doing a 1v1 lane against the opponent hero and you’re about to die, then planting a tree using Ironwood Branch and then using this ability on that tree might save you. But as stated earlier, only time will reveal further combinations of this ability.

Climb and Attack

The third ability of Monkey King known as Primal Spring is more likely to be an aggressive ability which can be used to setup the ganks on the opponent heroes. However, to utilize Primal Spring, you must use your second ability, Tree Dance to climb up the tree. These kind of ganks are easy to setup and very few enemy heroes can counter such type of ganks.

Fight Like a Man

All of the Monkey King’s abilities discussed above are somewhat sneaky. But the fourth ability of Monkey King, known as Jingu Mastery is the proper definition of Fight like a man. Using that ability, Monkey King gains bonus damage and lifesteal for a limited number of attacks while he uses his weapon to attack the opponent heroes. In other words, Monkey King is able to fight like a hard carry in the late stages of the game. Moreover, it might be a good counter to Legion Commander in the game as it progresses.

Play Smart or Get Tricked

The final ability of Monkey King is a goal of every hero in the game. Using the ability known as Mischief, Monkey King can transform himself into any kind of object whether it is a tree, courier or even runes. So if you are planning to buy a bottle in the mid-lane, be sure to play smart or else you’ll get tricked by the Monkey King.

Call of the Wild

The ultimate of the Monkey King, Wukong’s Command calls Mini Monkey Kings to join him in the fight. The Monkey soldiers not only attack the surrounding heroes but they also have a chance to deal true strike on each attack. If you are going to a big or you can say decisive team fight, then Wukong’s Command can come into play as you will get help from additional units. But make sure to dodge out Earth Shaker before using your ultimate.

Lastly, Valve also announced the arcana for Monkey King which includes:

  • New base model and texture
  • Custom particle effects for Monkey King’s Primal Spring ability –
  • Dynamic Style that changes according to the level of Wukong’s Ultimate
  • A cloud-riding run animation when traveling vast distances in a short period of time
  • Altered Voice and additional voice responses for style changes and cloud animation
  • Custom Hero Portrait
  • Arcana Loading Screen
  • Custom Taunt
  • Custom Emoticon

There will be a lot more to cover about the new hero and all the gameplay changes. Make sure to catch out all the latest patch news on our website.

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