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Here Are Some Of The Good Things You Didn’t Notice About Patch 7.01

The patch 7.00 hit like a truck to not only the community players but also professional players as well. A lot of players are giving bad comments on the new patch, but at the end, everyone has to adapt the changes in the game. So, we gathered some of the good things about patch 7.01 that you didn’t know.

Loading/reconnecting time significantly reduced

Didn’t you notice that players now load into the game more quickly than before? Although patch 7.01 still has many bugs to be fixed, this is one of the best things that Valve has introduced in the game. If you get disconnected from the game, then you don’t have to wait at all since you’ll reconnect into the game quickly.

AI Bots that you can master

Valve takes their community way more seriously than others. With the arrival of patch 7.00, good programmers and scripters can now enjoy the game at their own pace. The new API AI Bot scripting introduced by Valve let you upload your bots to the Workshop for others to download and play. In the future, we might be able to see bots vs. bots Dota 2 competitive tournaments.

Team composition details

One of the best things about patch 7.00 is that now each team is able to view their team composition along with their weaknesses, strengths, and good synergy level. These details can help you to win the game with confidence.

Above all the good things mentioned, we hope that Valve fixes all the bug issues in the game as soon as possible so that the community can enjoy the gameplay even more than before.

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