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Here’s What To Expect From The Newly Teased Hero In Monkey King’s Comics

teased hero

A few days ago, patch 7.00 was announced by Valve for Dota 2. But as soon as it got hit on the main client, everyone including professional players didn’t give good remarks about it and we definitely know the reason.

But like always, there are some changes that you need to adapt in the game. Although these changes might take some time to digest, there are other few things that Valve revealed as the Easter eggs. One of them is the purple-colored unknown spirit that recently appeared in the Monkey King’s comics.

teased hero

Although Valve didn’t announce anything about the newly teased hero, there are rumors that the new spirit will be among the four basic elements present in the game. Storm Spirit (Air), Earth Spirit (Earth), Ember Spirit (Fire), and water. This last slot (water element) is rumored to be filled by the newly teased hero in the Monkey King’s comics. Furthermore, one of the responses of Monkey King while meeting Storm Spirit as an ally is “I’ve seen Xin and Kaolin. Where’s your other brother?”

Is Morphling the water spirit?

On the other side, there are rumors that the new spirit might already be present in the game as Morphling since:

  • The lore of Morphling quite resembles the lore of other three spirits.
  • The abilities and skills (Mobility, Lockdown/Stun, and Remnant) of Morphling are somewhat similar to other three spirits.

However, in the real world, there are some nations and cultures that believe in five fundamental elements instead of four. Those elements are Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Void which is considered to be the unknown spirit here.

The last element might possibly be the purple-colored spirit but all the above mentioned rumors are based on theories and some information. We just have to wait and see what’s Valve upto.

For now, if you are a Monkey King player, then you may like what we have in store for you. There might be a New Year giveaway coming soon. Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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