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Top 3 Hero Combos In Patch 7.01

Hero Combos

If we are talking about to win a game in patch 7.01, then considering hero combos can be the best solution for it. Since all the heroes have different talent trees, together they can make some of the good plays and eventually win the game for their team.

Here are the top 3 hero combos that can be used both in normal and Ranked matches so that winning a game becomes the piece of cake for you.

Shadow Demon/Luna

Known for their illusion spam, Shadow Demon/Luna is still by far the best hero combo in patch 7.01. The two huge buffs given to the illusions in patch 7.01 are

  • Illusions attack damage penalty against buildings increased from 30% to 50%
  • Attack Speed bonuses now work on Illusion

This makes Shadow Demon/Luna combo even more brutal than before, and you can spam this hero combo in almost every match you play.

Hero Combos

Treant Protector/Crystal Maiden

Overgrowth and Freezing Field are two of the best ultimates in the early as well as late stages of the game. It can literally turn around the tables in the game when executed properly.

Hero Combos


If you enjoy blood bath in the game by hunting down the enemy heroes, then Slardar/Lifestealer combo is the best thing you can try.  Once Slardar gets his Blink Dagger and Lifestealer his Armlet, then it becomes very easy for two of them to gank using Lifestealer and Slardar ultimates, Infest and Corrosive Haze respectively.

Hero Combos

We hope that you enjoy these hero combos in your games. If there are more combos in your mind, let us know in the comments below.

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