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Top 5 Gameplay Bugs In Patch 7.01

The Dota 2 patch 7.00 came with a lot of gameplay changes and of course, a new hero known as Monkey King. Most of the players weren’t happy with the changes in HUD and UI of the game. However, everyone has to adapt the new Dota 2. Everything was going back to normal until some of the players encountered some strange bugs in the game.


Pugna’s ultimate bug

In patch 7.01, Pugna ultimate bug hasn’t been resolved, and it seems like the developers aren’t doing much about it. Even at level 3, the life/mana drain is 300 per second, but it refills the mana pool instantly in like less than two seconds.

Item slots are grayed out

With the arrival of patch 7.00, Icefrog wants the players to use backpack slots and thus, sometimes, the last two item slots gray out.

The case becomes more serious if Icefrog doesn’t want you to win the game.

Pudge’s hook bug

In one of his games, Clinton “Fear” Loomis encountered a rare bug where he almost teleported back to his fountain. However, the animation of the pudge’s hook grabbed him from the base which resulted in Fear’s death.

Pudge’s hook bug

Nature Prophet’s Nature call total count bug

After Valve had smashed some changes in the patch 7.01, it seems like Nature’s Prophet also became the victim of the bugs. Reportedly on Reddit, the user pointed out the bug in which it still displays more treant count on the tooltip.

Patch 7.01 bug

You can see what enemy is planning to pick

Reportedly by a Reddit user, even after several changes in the gameplay and bug fixes, there is a major bug that Valve needs to fix i.e. you can now see what heroes the opponents are intending to select during picking phase.

We all hope that Valve developers fix these bug issues as soon as possible so that all the players can enjoy the new patch at its finest.

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