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Top 5 Ways To Counter Monkey King

monkey king

Let’s get down to serious business. Let’s discuss the theme of the current game of Dota 2. That’s got you thinking right? In this post, we will tell you how to deal with the monkey virus, Yes! We will tell you not 1 not 2 but 5 ways to counter Monkey King in Dota 2.

After the release of the somewhat infamous 7.00 patch of Dota 2, the game changed formidably. And the one change that completely shadows others is the Monkey King. Being new to the game the hero is attributed as “IMBA KING.” So, this will require future balances to the hero. However after a couple of nerfs in 7.01 still the hero is still very strong.  

How to fight the monkey king? The following 10 tips on How to fight the Monkey King in Dota 2:

Using a hero with the ability to destroy trees

The heroes that come in this category are Storm Spirit, Timbersaw, Batrider and Beastmaster these heroes can quickly destroy trees and are good escapers from tree linked heroes like Nature’s Prophet and Monkey King.

Out of the above mentioned, Timbersaw is quite the most reliable option. Because every active spell of the hero requires tree cutting, which is a great counter to the Monkey King.

monkey king

Using a hero by tracking skills

Tree cutting is all, but one, and primitive counter, another more powerful method is to track the monkey king’s movement. While tree cutting only counters the Tree Dance skill, this tracking will allow you to counter another Skill Mischief as well which enables the King to transform into various shapes. Lastly, the heroes who can track are Weaver, Bounty Hunter, Spectre and Slardar.

monkey king

Provide continuous attacks

The ability Tree Dance can be delayed like Blink Dagger if Monkey is repeatedly attacked. It resets the cooldown of the ability for 3 seconds. And one of the best heroes for the purpose would be Venomancer.

Disable Monkey King

Being an IMBA hero in its early days, Monkey King should never be allowed to use his skill and items. And the best way to do so is by hex, stuns and magic piercing silence. Heroes that do an excellent job of doing so are Doom, Lion and Shadow Shaman.

Canceling ultimate skill of the Monkey King

The ultimate skill of the Monkey King is quite strong: he will summon a shadow to form a circle and attack anyone who is in the circle. Only, when he is out of this circle, the ultimate skill will be lost.

Of course, this can be used by heroes who have the ability to change your opponent’s position, namely hero Pudge with his Hook and Vengeful Spirit with Nether Swap.

Perhaps there are many other ways to counter the Monkey King. If you have any other ideas, please write in the comments to add.

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    Fahad Basra
    Dec 28, 2016 7:51 pm

    Yeah you got it right mr. Sheryar. That’s the only way to counter monkey king as we can all see that he is too over powered.

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